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Thesis proposals and thesis defense at the University of Guam are presentations open to the public. Those given by Masters candidates in biology and environmental science whose work is carried out primarily at the Marine Lab are listed below. Candidates wishing to reserve a time to present in the classrom ML205, should contact the Marine Lab administrative staff.

POETS Club is our weekly lecture series. Presentations can be on any topic (seriously). POETS is usually held during Fall and Spring semesters every Friday from 1600 to 1700 h in the classrom ML205, but check the schedule below to ensure times and venues. POETS will serve snacks and beverages (for a $2.00 donation) following the presentations.

Guest lectures happen frequently. See Visiting Scientists for some of our recent guest speakers. Guam is a favourite place to conduct research on coral reefs and is a hub for flights throughout the Pacific and between North America, Asia and Australia. Hence, we receive a steady stream of scientists who can often be cajoled into presenting their work. Please contact our director if you would like to give a lecture while on Guam.

Previous lectures: 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006.


Time Title Speaker Institution
20 Jan "The ecological impact of bird loss in Guam’s forests" Haldre Rogers Rice University
16 Feb "University of Guam's 60th anniversary talks: A history of the Marine Lab" Alexander Kerr UOG Marine Lab
24 Feb "University of Guam's 60th anniversary talks: An alumnus' tale" Mike Gawel Guam Dept of Planning
29 Feb "International development and gender in developing countries" Andrea Esser Independent consultant
9 Mar "Genotype-by-environment interaction in complex traits" Vincent P. Diego Southwestern Medical Center
14 Mar "Ocean Worlds of the Outer Solar System" Kevin Hand Cal Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory
16 Mar "Marine biological research on tall ships" Ernie Matson and Anna Simeon UOG Marine Lab
23 Mar "Spring break"
30 Mar "Deepsea Challenge to the Mariana Trench" Peter Batson and Erika Montague Scripps Institute of Oceanography
6 Apr "Explorations of Maristentor: systematics, physical chemistry and cocktail party dynamics" Christopher Lobban UOG CNAS
9 Apr "The Challenger Deep expedition" Doug Bartlett and Kevin Hardy Scripps Institute of Oceanography
20 Apr "A Community-Led Watershed and Coral Reef Restoration Initiative in Guam" Austin Shelton University of Hawaii at Manoa
25 Apr "Coral Reef Geochemistry and the Environment" Nancy Prouty USGS Pacific Coastal & Marine Science Center, Santa Cruz
27 Apr ""Green" buildings and the role of LEED on Guam" Allison Rutter Guam Sustainability Solutions, LLC
5 May "Pump up the volume! Frogs using tree holes as amplifiers" Bjorn Lardner Colorado State University
20 Jun "Thesis defence: The ecology of invasive ungulates inlimestone forests of the Mariana Islands" Ann Marie Gawel UOG Marine Lab
20 Aug "Watershed and climate change impacts to high island fringing reefs" Curt Sorlazzi USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Pacific Science Center
31 Aug "My summer as a UOG Marine Lab student" Marine Laboratory students UOG Marine Lab
28 Sep "Summer biology undergraduate research projects" Biology undergraduate students CNAS
5 Oct "Ten Legged Tales: The life history of decapod crustaceans" Curt Fieldler UOG Marine Lab
12 Oct "Exotic: The commercial sex industry on Guam" Amy Oden UOG Social and Behavioral Sciences
19 Oct "University of Guam NSF EPSCoR Planning Grant" Jason Biggs and Tim Righetti UOG Marine Lab and CNAS
26 Oct "Evolution of a specialised vocabulary: Indigenous fish nomenclature in the Mariana Islands, Micronesia" Alex Kerr UOG Marine Lab
9 Nov "Cendrawasih Bay National park : The unexplored beauty" Tim Rock Tim Rock Underwater Photojournalism
16 Nov "Traditional Fishing on Guam: Chamoru Chenchulu Fishermen" Judy Amesbury Woollongong University, Australia
30 Nov "A look through the dive bag, locally, nationally and internationally" Tony Wright University of Hawaii, Hilo




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