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Conservation button Conservation biology and reef management
Coral reefs are subjected to an increasingly diverse barrage of human activity-induced negative impacts. Understanding the effects of these impacts on corals and reefs is essential to finding ways to mitigate these effects. Hence, an important area of research at the Marine Lab includes the ecology of coral diseases...Read More


Chemical ecology button Chemical ecology
An important area of research emphasis at the Marine Lab is the study of marine natural products, biochemicals produced by marine organisms, which may have parmaceutical applications for human health. Investigations carried out at the Lab are invoved in identifying marine species that produce...Read More


Fish ecology button Fish Ecology
An important area of research at the Marine Lab is the conservation biology of coral-reef organisms, particualarly fishes. In this regard faculty investigate reproductive behavior, mating systems, recruitment patterns and life-history strategies. Studies of the patterns of, and processess maintaining, their diversity...Read More


Systematics button Systematics
Systematics is the formal study of the diversity of life. Coral reefs are among the most diverse ecosystems in the marine realm, yet we know embarassingly little about who lives there. Consequently, we at the Marine Lab are interested in phylogentic systematics and taxonomy of coral-reef organisms...Read More


Coral biology button Coral biology
Another active area of research at the Marine Lab is the study of the ecology, evolution and physiology of reef corals. An emerging area of important study at the Marine Lab is coral diseases, whose spread and etiology may be exacerbated by human activity and global warming. Also poorly known are the evolutionary relationships...Read More



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