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The UOG Marine Laboratory serves Guam and the Micronesian region by providing technical assistance in matters related to marine resource assessment and management. Part of this service includes the publication of technical reports, environmental impact assessments and other products, such as tidecharts, for island governments and the public. In its educational role, the marine lab is the primary base to students preparing theses for the Masters degree in biology. Finally, the Marine Lab is also heavily engaged in basic marine research published in leading refereed scientific journals.

Copies of all available reports, theses and multimedia can be acquired for the price of postage. Contact the Marine Lab Director, for availability and current pricing. The tidecharts and two out-of-print books are free and online.

tidechart Dec 2005 Tide charts
The monthly tide predictions and lunar data for Guam are provided as a public service of the Marine Laboratory.
Dave's atlas Guam Coastal Atlas
The Guam Coastal Atlas provides benthic habitat maps and geospatial data for the nearshore waters of Guam.
Ecological Monographs 2004 Contributions
Refereed publications of the Marine Lab.
tech report cover Technical reports
Primary reports on regional marine topics.
This is actually tech report 99, but i like Robbie's artwork Environmental survey reports
Environmental assessments in Micronesia.
Miscellaneous report Miscellaneous reports
Reviews, comments and letters published in refereed journals, unpublished contracted reports and popular articles.
Marine Lab Annual Report Special reports
Occasional reports on the status of the Marine Lab.
Birkeland 1997 Books
Books by Marine Lab faculty.
The first thesis in Biology, 1969 Masters theses
Theses from the Masters in Biology Program at UOG.
ICRS 1992 Proceedings
Proceedings of international symposia sponsored by the Marine Lab or edited by Marine Lab faculty.
Coral Reefs: Their Health, Our Wealth Multimedia
Educational videos and CDs.
Systema Aspidochirotidae On-line resources
Websites and electronic databases for use by the scientific community and the public.



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